3 parenting events you should consider attending


Parenting events are a great way to learn more about parenting, meeting with other parents and those who are experts in the field of parenting. Here are some parenting events that you should consider attending.

Just For You


This is an event for parents and children with special needs. There will be inspiring speakers and discussions on issues with others who are going through the same phase of life. After attending this event, you will come back recharged to continue your journey as a parent. Here, you will have sessions on maintaining your relationships, dad’s responsibilities, parenting alone, sibling care, disability and sensory awareness, and many more. The event will take place at Guildford on 4th June this year.

Baby & Toddler Fair


This event will take place in South Florida on 5th June this year. In this event, you will learn about baby bump basics, toddler tips, etc. This is a perfect event for parents-to-be, parents, and grandparents. You will enjoy baby product demonstrations, complimentary refreshments, and many more. There will be seminars on breastfeeding, financial planning, discipline, water safety, and other issues.

Especially for Kids


This event will be held on 21st May, 2016 in South Florida. It is a free event for kids with special needs and their families. There will be seminars and activities like glitter tattoos, dancing, photo souvenirs, art activities, etc. There will be an art exhibition featuring paintings of children with special needs.

These events require advance booking. So, contact them well in advance in order to book tickets for yourself and your children.

4 ways to help your child learn faster


Not all children have the same capability. Sometimes, the conventional way of reading and writing doesn’t help a child learn better. Here are some ways to help your child learn faster.

Find games in everyday tasks

Come up with a thinking game whenever you are spending some time with your children. For example, when you are in kitchen and making sandwiches, you can ask your child what he or she thinks should go inside the sandwich breads. When you are driving, you can ask your children what they think about the houses down the streets. When you are playing your kids, you can teach them discipline. Learning this way is lot more fun and effective for your children.

Music lessons

Research has shown that music lessons improve a child’s IQ. It will also give children learning advantages in the classroom.

Read along with your kids

Don’t just read out books to your children and make them stare at the pictures in the book. You must call attention to words and ask them questions. Shared book reading improves the child’s reading skills. It improves a child’s early literacy ability.

Make sure your kids are happy

Research has revealed that happier kids become more successful when they are adults. Happiness is directly linked with the kid’s performance.

Apart from these tips, your attention is vital to a child’s learning process. You should give attention to the child’s needs, answer the child’s questions and teach them from daily activities. Make your children participate in your household works. This way, children can learn practically. Practical knowledge is more effective than bookish knowledge.

4 things you should do before your child is born


40-week pregnancy is a long time to prepare for your new life experience. Here are some of the things you should do before your child is born.

Learn about the birth process

birth process

You should take the opportunity to learn about the birth process. There are lots of books and blogs on parenting and pregnancy that you can read. You can consider taking a birth class where you can learn about the various stages of labor, pain management tactics, breathing techniques, etc. You can watch videos online on pregnancy and child birth.

Find a doctor for your baby


It is a good time to look for a pediatrician for your child. Getting appointments can often be a very difficult task. So, if you can get hold of a good pediatrician early, you will be relieved.

Get adjusted with your partner


You should discuss with your partner your expectations after the child is born. Both of your expectations must be in line with each other, else there will be conflicts. Discuss how you want to raise your child, what help you are thinking of getting after the child is born, how you are going to change your daily routine, what new arrangements you are going to make in your house, etc.

Prepare older siblings


A new born baby can negatively affect older children’s life. You should talk to your older child about the arrival of the new baby. You should make your child understand how he or she should behave in front of the baby, etc. Some hospitals offer sibling classes. You may consider taking your child there.

Being a parent is not easy. You have to deal with a lot of changes in your life. The pregnancy period is a good time to get prepared for your new life.